I loved this book! I will definitely recommend this book to anyone, single or coupled, who is struggling with relationships.
— Dr. Laurie Betito, sex and relationship therapist
This easy-to-read and substantive book *gives you tools!* to figure out what you’re about so that you can pick a partner who’s right for you.
— Dr. Rachel Ptashny, psychiatrist
As a matchmaker and dating counsellor, I recommend this book for individuals and couples seeking healthy, happy long term relationships.
— Ilana Brown, M Ed
... nearly every page offers useful information for developing good relationships.
— Ronald W. Richardson, author of Family Ties That Bind
I sincerely, wholeheartedly love this book… Almost every time I thought something should be added it came up in the next section!
— Lorna Hecht, MFT
The potential for self-discovery is limitless with this workbook.
— Christina Heymoss, MFT 
I cannot wait to teach from this book, and to give it as a gift.
— Adrienne Gold, educator
Release Date: Spring, 2017

Release Date: Spring, 2017