20. Johnny Depp: Relationship Expert?

Within every catchy pop-culture internet meme there's a kernel of a universal truth.  In their next few podcasts Avrum and Lorna will focus on one currently trending meme to dissect truth from truthiness (thank you Stephen Colbert) using the lens of Bowen theory.


This week, Lorna and Avrum dissect a meme attributed to Actor Johnny Depp.  They debate the merits of his relationship advice.  

  • There are 67 instances of the word "love" in Dr. Bowen's book, contrasted with 158 for "fusion" and 237 for "schizophrenia".  
  • "Positive statements about the presence or absence of "love," with reactions and counterreactions, can occupy the scene while there is no objective evidence of change in "love" within the family.  Whatever love is, it is factual that many family members react strongly to statements about it." - Dr. Murray Bowen
  • "If you're in a relationship and you fall in love...the new love, it feels a lot more intense, a lot more passionate...an intensity that is addictive."

  • "When we use the term love, we assume we're talking about the same thing."

  • "Relationships begin with that intense dyadic experience."

  • "Feeling a certain way is a justification for a whole ton of collateral damage."

  • "I prefer the idea of growing into love."


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