#12: Pay now or pay later

This week Avrum and Lorna continue their multi-part discussion (Part 3 of 4) about the trials and tribulations of being single by discussing mate selection, dating and the relevance of relationships in the family of origin.

Lorna shows her “basic self” in some bleeped bits at the beginning of the podcast.

  • Will my Mother Choose My Mate?
  • Who Chooses My Mate-My Mother or Me? 
  • Pay Now or Pay Later, Working on Self Before Choosing A Mate

"Whatever is unresolved between me and my parents is going to play out…in mate selection and how I conduct myself in the new relationship."

"How much, when I’m around my parents, am I able to be myself?"

"We’re being impacted in a very profound way by the people that love us the most."

"If I want to pick the best mate it would probably be in my best interest to work on having good contact with my mother."

"At some point we’re going to be thrust back into the family of origin."

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