#13: Sexual compatibility is not a thing

This week, Lorna and Avrum conclude their multi-part discussion (Part 4 of 4) about the trials and tribulations of being single by having an unsexy conversation about sex while dating and “Post Orgasm Sobriety”.

  • Having varied partners or multiple partners is going to be very different for a person who’s higher on the scale of Differentiation of Self than lower.
  • Most people want a monogamous, committed relationship.
  • Thinking is crucial to picking a quality mate.
  • Sexual compatibility is one of those phrases that people trot out.

“If intense attractions could stop short of sexuality and revel in the delights of a ’separate, equal, and open’ friendship for a protracted period, is it possible that those intense relation- ships would have more chance for long-term success?” Dr. Roberta Gilbert

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