It Takes More Than Love (The Workbook)

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It Takes More Than Love (The Workbook)


Your struggles are not meaningless: You are capable of building a marriage that is far better than the ones you've seen so far.

Drawing on their combined 30 years' clinical experience in couples/family therapy and child/family mental health, husband-and-wife team Nadigel and Israel offer innovative tools and strategies, based on Family Systems Theory.

You’ll learn to:
• use the Self In Relationship Inventory (SIRI) to identify how and where you get stuck in your relationships
• build a family diagram to reveal the multi-generational patterns getting in your way
• practice the SPACE process for bringing your best self into any relationship

For use with a therapist or on your own, and whether you're currently single, dating, engaged or already married, It Takes More Than Love is your guide to creating a loving and lasting committed relationship.

"I sincerely, wholeheartedly love this book… Almost every time I thought something should be added it came up in the next section!"
— Lorna Hecht, marriage and family therapist

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