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Your struggles are not meaningless: 

You are capable of building a marriage that is far better than the ones you've seen so far. 

This workbook takes you on a step-by-step exploration of who you are, where you come from, and how to use your own unique challenges as fuel for growth in all your relationships.

Drawing on their combined 30 years' clinical experience in couples/family therapy and child/family mental health, husband-and-wife team Nadigel and Israel offer innovative tools and strategies, illustrated by carefully-selected case examples and practical tips. You’ll learn to:

• use the Self In Relationship Inventory (SIRI) to identify how and where you get stuck in your relationships

• build a family diagram to reveal the multi-generational patterns getting in your way

• practice the SPACE process for bringing your best self into any relationship

It Takes More Than Love program has filled in the gaps I’ve found missing from other theoretical models of working with couples. This workbook will be a very useful tool for my clients!

— Jessica Cowling, MSW, RSW

Avrum Nadigel is a marriage and family therapist, and author of 'Learning to Commit: The best time to work on your marriage is when you're single'. He holds a Masters of Social Work from McGill University, a Bachelors of Commerce from Concordia University, and post-graduate training in Bowen Theory from the Western Pennsylvania Family Center. Avrum is also a guitarist and songwriter, founding a number of punk and alternative bands as well as composing music for film


Dr. Aliza Israel is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Women's College Hospital, and lecturer at the University of Toronto in child psychiatry and women's mental health. Her work focuses on the interplay between parental and child mental health, and in promoting resilience in young families. Dr. Israel lives in Toronto with her husband Avrum and their three children. She is also an amateur juggler who may or may not secretly wish to run away with the circus.